A badge of honor representing underdog in all of us.

Brian Kortovich’s life has been defined by dreaming big and overcoming the odds.

Brian’s story began in his hometown of Cleveland where he had to overcome the death of his father at an early age. He used basketball as a conduit, intent on channeling his feelings of loss into feelings of hope. What began as a cathartic outlet, quickly became a life-long passion, propelling Brian around the world in search of a hoop and a great game. Brian played professionally in Kuwait, France, Israel, and the Dominican Republic, paving his way into the NBA D-League draft. He also had the opportunity to compete in pre-season camps with both the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets.
Brian Image 2
Ultimately, Brian’s game found a home in NYC, where he earned certified street cred by wreaking havoc in city leagues. At the famed EBC Rucker Park, he quickly became known as “Smokin’ Aces.” That’s where he won a scoring title in the summer of 2012, joining a storied list of legends including Dr. J, Joe “The Destroyer” Hammond and Kevin Durant. Brian’s reputation and skills led him to represent celebrated brands, including AND1, whom he toured with across the US, giving back and, empowering young people to command their own life story through hard work and perseverance.
With ACES, Brian had the vision to build a brand platform that would make an impact through style, purpose and sport.

"I wanted to change this into a journey that everyone can relate to, Hustle, heart, overcome the odds. That universal connectivity. That’s ACES."